Microbeads For Hair: What Is It And How Does It Work?

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Hair extensions are really a blessing for modern people these days. They use hair extensions for a couple of purposes: to reach the desired appearance, to finish tasks, to improve the performance on the stages, and so on. The incredible demands for hair extensions lead to the creation of many different extension types including clip-ins, sew-ins, and particularly microbeads.

You wonder what is microbead and want to know more about micro bead hair extensions? Let’s come closer by reading this post. 

What Are Microbeads?

Microbead is a manufactured solid plastic particle which has a very small dimension (maximum 1 millimeter). About the material, people frequently use polyethylene but petrochemical plastics  Microbeads are usually used to help in wearing hair extensions – they are must-have parts in a type of hair extensions which include them in their name – micro bead hair extension. 

Microbeads For Hair: What Is It And How Does It Work?
what is microbead

Microbead Hair Extensions

Microbead hair extension, also known as micro link extensions, is a type of extension which uses microbeads as a link between the extension and real hair. Their plastic rings or small metals help a lot in securing your hair and clamping the extension around different sections of hair on your head. 

Thanks to the link on each strand that we mention below, cold fusion hair extensions bring about feelings of wearing natural hair. 

Microbeads For Hair: What Is It And How Does It Work?
microbead hair extension

What’s more, there must be many people that concern about damages caused by glue, tape or heat which comes from other types of extension, then they come for micro bead hair extensions as a perfect solution. It is also better in case you want to style your hair frequently.

More than that, there is no need for using microbeads in the same size for the whole hair. You will have ones with different sizes for different parts on your head.

Pros And Cons Of Wearing Hair Extensions With Microbeads

Of course, like all other types of hair extensions, this one with microbeads comes with pros and cons as well. Now let’s take a deeper look.


– As we told you above, wearing a micro bead hair extension does not require anything that causes damages to your hair such as heat or chemical glue. It’s totally safe for your health;

– It is easy in not only wearing but also removing as you just need to use your fingers instead of a glue remover like fusion;

– It brings about a feeling of wearing natural hair;

– Last for longer than almost all other methods which can be compared with high-quality products such as human hair extension;

Microbeads For Hair: What Is It And How Does It Work?
microbead extensions are long-lasting

– The bonds will stay for long without hurting your head skin;

– Feel free to have your hair chemically processed, as long as you keep it at medium heat;


– The application may cause headache in some people;

– The product is not suitable for thin and fine hair;

How To Attach Hair Extension By Using Microbeads?

This may be the next question that you have about micro bead hair extensions, so now it’s time for the answer. We will bring to you step-by-step instructions to attach them on. This is very hard to do it yourself so it would be much better with the help of another one. 

Step 1: Take a strand of your hair using one hand;

Step 2: Use your other hand to take a microbead extension and put the loop over your forefinger and thump;

Step 3: Use your thumb and index finger to put your hair through the loop;

Microbeads For Hair: What Is It And How Does It Work?
how to use microbeads to attach hair extension

Step 4: Use one hand to hold the microbead and the other to hold the loop;

Step 5: Pull the loop to make the hair thread through the microbead;

Step 6: Firmly squeeze the bead shut using pliers and control the force to not damage both your hair and the bead;

Step 7: Repeat this process with the other microbeads until everything is done. 

For your information, the number of hair strands will vary from 100 to 150 depending on its thickness. It would be quite hard at the beginning and gradually become easier. It takes about 2 hours to attach them on the whole head. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Maintain And Take Care Of My Microbead Hair Extension?

Microbead hair extensions bring about a natural appearance and it requires a lot of maintenance. They are usually professional help and consistent methods. The easiest and most popular way is regularly going to meet the stylists, usually every 2 months, otherwise, there would be unwanted damages that the extension can suffer from. 

How Do I Wash My Extension?

It must be very hard to wash your extension as usual as you wash your real hair. In fact, it would be better if you avoid doing this. Strong chemicals in washing products can destroy the extension texture; thus making it last shorter. 

However, there will be some cases in which you need to do it. Then, be particularly careful. 

Microbeads For Hair: What Is It And How Does It Work?
how to care for micro bead extensions

First, comb the hair to avoid tangles. Apply the shampoo following the top to the ends while avoiding actions that cause tangles and frizzes such as the circular motion. In addition, the scalp also needs to wash. 

Remember to be very cautious against shampoos that contain paraben, protein, and silicone. Hair conditional is good, as well, as long as you don’t apply it to the bead. 

Can I Sleep With This Extension?

Yes, of course, as long as you make sure that when you are sleeping, the hair will not form tangles. You want to wear a silk scarf and use the satin bonnet to keep your hair safe.

The Bottom Lines,

Now you know many things about microbead hair extension, including what are microbeads, how to attach it on, its pros and cons, and we also give you some answers for frequently asked questions. 

If you are getting problems with micro bead extensions or any other extension types, contact us and we will try our best to help you deal with them.

Have a nice day.

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