Which Is The Best Hair Extensions For Volume?

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To improve hair volume, we can take up vitamin and protein. However, the thickness of hair mostly depends on hormones. That is out of people’s control.

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Therefore, using hair extension for volume is a brilliant way to save the situation.

There are many types of hair extensions for volume that fit differently in normal thin hair.

Let’s see what we can choose.

The uses of hair extensions for volume

Adding the length and thickness

It’s undeniable. We have been selling all types of hair extensions for women with thin hair or brides. They were all looking for a thicker hairstyle. The result never lets you down.

Which Is The Best Hair Extensions For Volume?

Remy human hair extensions

Beside the thickness, hair extensions can bring the hair new look due to the length. You do not need a long hairstyle to wear same length wig. You know layers? It looks natural than you put in bundles of same-length together.

Covering up baldness

One of our target customer groups is people with alopecia. They are facing hair loss in multiple seriousnesses. No matter how much hair they lose, hair extensions can solve the problem.

Clip-in or tape hair extensions are perfect for thin hair or baldness because the joint is almost invisible.

Protect original hair

Without wigs, women enjoy styling hair. Frequent curling or heat straightening can cause severe damage to original hair when girls wearing hair extensions can enjoy several hairstyles while not worsening hair condition.

To choose hair extensions for volume, we have got couples of criteria to consider.

Concerning the thickness

Double Drawn

Double drawn hair refers to bundles of hair with at least 70% of strands at the same length. For example, they have a bunch of 14” double drawn hair for sale. That means 70% to 99% of hair is 14” long. The rest of bundles go around 12” or 13”.

Which Is The Best Hair Extensions For Volume?

Double drawn hair extensions

Because all hair ends at the same point, it looks thick and healthy. For people with thin hair, it’s the best choice.

However, double drawn hair might look a bit heavy.

Single drawn

Single drawn refers to the former phase of the above. It only stands for 50% of the quantity. For instance, same 14” bundles of hair, you can only expect half the hair is 14 inches long. The rest will be around 10” to 13”.

Therefore, the end of single drawn bundles feels slimmer than the tip. Some people find it more spontaneous. Also, this one also cost less money.

Which Is The Best Hair Extensions For Volume?

Single drawn hair extensions 

Both single and double drawn hair add up volume correctly. The former comes with casual look while the other brings fancy new hair. If you can afford Remy, the effect can get even better.

Remy double or single hair extensions show the highest quality. They perform like human hair so you can style, wash or dye them. As long as you take good care of them, Remy hair can be in use for a year.



Concerning the density

Speaking of density, we have standard human hair in 100% to 120%. People with such mass are out of thin hair group.

We are talking about the number of hair in the same square. High-density hair does not mean all of the strands finish with the same length.

On the market of hair extensions for volume, there is 7 level of density. For certain use, people pick up appropriate categories.

So what do we have in stores?

50% and 80% density

At this point, the bundles are extra light to light. It can add up the volume for fine thin hair.

Fine thin hair talks about people who have got less hair than usual, plus with slimmer hair strands. To thicken fine thin hair, we cannot wear too many wigs. We need volume, but the hair must be enough to cover up the joints.

However, if you just need some thin hair to add up your free gorgeous hair, it’s enough.

100- 120% density

As mentioned before, these number stands for standard hair density. If you need to add up the length for a street walking day, this hair is perfect.

This hair does not show up heavily or too much for daily use. With this thickness, users can wash it more efficiently, same with regular care.

130% density

At the level of 130%, the discussion returns to hair extensions for volume. It looks quite thick at the moment and weighs more.

Which Is The Best Hair Extensions For Volume?

The density is important 

Wearing hair extensions with 130% density, your head looks fuzzy at the tips. The bundles will come thinner at the end gradually.

Some women now lack hair. Losing hair show off their skin and the head looks flat, no bubbles.

130% density can pump up the hair naturally, return the dynamic look.

150% density

When hair density comes to 150%, that mean the weight rises. In return, the hair now looks gorgeous.

They are right hair extensions for volume which add up thick and solid hair coverage.

Most people are not happy with 100% density hair; they need the hair to look much bolder. The top of the hair should swell up a bit to reveal that they have bunches of hair.

180% density

130% and 150% density is the most common demand for people who need hair extensions. They all look great in thickening up plus, they are just enough.

However, the industry stops with 180% density hair. It’s extra heavy. We think you can imagine the feeling of wearing them.

When hair extensions reach 180% for density, it’s stiff from top to the end. That’s too much hair. As a result, holding up such many hairs strands raise another problem.

Bottom line

Hair extensions are variable. You can choose from clip-in, tape or micro bead extensions, depending on how long you need them and how you want to add up in hair volume.

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