Hair Topper Vs Half Wig – They Are Different!

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You are in the market to find a suitable hair system that covers your baldness. you first start shopping for hairpieces, so you don’t know them clearly. You find and are interested in hair topper vs half wig, but you don’t know what they are. Let’s find the most satisfying answer in the following post. 

About half wig

The term “half wig” is new for many people, even for wig wearers. It comes with different names, such as quick waves, half head wigs, 3/4 wigs, hats with hair, or hair toppers. Or put simply, it is a type of hair wig that only covers up the back of your head and hair. This hairpiece allows the front of your locks to be visible. It is used to add volume and length to your natural tresses. To make the hair looks realistic, you can use a headband to disguise the transition between the hair system and your existing hair. Try wearing a half wig, it helps create fullness for your natural locks as well as boosts your confidence. 

A half wig is often constructed with a soft mesh cap. Also, the small combs at the back of the wig help secure your hair in place and allow users to attach easily. The hairpiece is available in different colors and lengths. We advise you to choose the hair shade that is close to your natural hair color. Learning how to wear a half wig, you can achieve flawless hair. 

Hair Topper Vs Half Wig - They Are Different!
half wig

Why wearing a half wig?

More and more women choose to purchase this hair now. There are several reasons why they choose this type of hair system:

– Add hair length: Half wigs are specially designed for those with hair problems, such as hair loss, baldness, etc. Hence, it adds a significant amount of length to your natural tresses in an instant. 

– Create more hair volume: It is a great way to add some extra volume to your thinning hair, creating a flattering hair appearance. 

– Easy to get intricate hairstyles: Hair wigs give you a fuller hair look, so you can try more complicated and voluminous hairstyle effortlessly. 

– Conceal hair loss: Wearing a hairpiece is the fastest way to disguise your bald spots and thinning hair areas. You cannot choose between wig vs topper as all of them work amazingly. Similarly, half wigs also work to hide your partial hair loss on the top and back of your head. The 3/4 wig paired with a cap covers up total hair loss. 

Hair Topper Vs Half Wig - They Are Different!
half wig before and after

What is hair topper meaning?

A hair topper is also a type of partial wigs that covers different parts on the head. Sometimes, people call it as a miniature version of hair wigs. Like a half wig, this hairpiece can blend seamlessly your natural locks and lie secured on your head by using clips or small combs. You can wear topper to cover the front, the crown, or at the back of your head. On the market, the hair comes with different sizes, lengths, and colors to suit customers’ demands. Consider and choose suitable hair for your thinning hair area. 

Topper vs wig, which one should you choose? To be honest, two types of hair systems work to disguise the thinning areas on your head. They also go with or without clips to be attached.   But if a bald spot on your head, such as on the top, we recommend wearing a human hair topper to get a more natural look of fullness.

Why purchasing a hair topper?

– It only covers a targeted area on your head: If a wig works to offer full coverage to the head, a human hair topper covers a particular part. Therefore, a hair topper may be the best companion of your real hair if you are looking for a realistic look. 

Hair Topper Vs Half Wig - They Are Different!
hair topper for hair loss

– Conceal thinning hairline: Human hairpieces often disguise your partial hair loss or just a thinning hairline only. It blends your natural hair perfectly. 

– Offer comfortable feeling: The base design of toppers is far simpler than that of a full lace wig. It appears with a small piece of material (mono, lace, or silk base) that make wearers feel comfortable. It causes no irritation and does not affect your natural hair.


Things to consider when shopping for a half wig or topper

The big things you should consider when purchasing a hairpiece is the texture and color of the hair. 

Hair replacement systems are available in synthetic fibers and human hair. If you buy synthetic hair, make sure that it is heat-friendly. But we recommend using human hair half wigs and toppers as they are flexible and durable. It means that you can style (curl, straighten, and so on) these hair systems to match your natural hair texture. 

– When buying a hairpiece, you must be extra careful when choosing the color. Select the hair shade that closely resembles your natural hair hue as they easily blend together. Ask for experts’ help if you don’t have hair color in mind.

Hair Topper Vs Half Wig - They Are Different!
hair topper vs half wig

Where to buy hair topper vs half wig?

Many hair vendors supply hair toppers and half wigs in the market now. Hence, finding a reliable unit is even easier than differentiating these hairs. If you are seeking a good hair system, find and visit trustworthy brands that commit to providing good-quality hairpieces at friendly prices. So where should you purchase it? Layla Hair is not a bad idea. 

Layla understands how much you desire a nice hair look and demand a great product that helps you to deal with your hair problem. We know that you get upset and feel uncomfortable with your thinning hair or bald spots on the head. Therefore, we strive to create good hairpieces for all. Hair topper vs half wig, clip on topper vs wig, alls are available at our hair factory. We produce hair accordingly to the international standards of hairpieces: naturalness, durability, and comfort. 

All in all

We really hope that our words help you have ideas of hair topper vs half wig. Don’t forget to stick to our blog to keep up-to-date on other hair replacement systems and hair care tips. Get interested in any hairpiece, drop us via our hotline or email to place an order. We are willing to serve you!

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