How Long Do Toupees Last? These Stats Are Real!

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You have just purchased a new hair toupee, would you want to know how long do toupees last? Or how can I wear a wiglet for a long time? Too many questions appear in your mind. To have a durable hairpiece, you should know how to use and maintain it. Also, choose the high-quality hair also affect on the hair expectancy. Some details Layla gives in the following post may help you find the answer to the question “How long does toupee last?”

How Long Do Toupees Stay On?

Bear in mind that the lifetime of a toupee varies from product to product. Some items can last for months but others for a few weeks. The lifespan of a toupee depends on different factors.

Hair type

If you are interested in the hair world, you will know that manufacturers use two primary materials to create toupees. They are human hair and synthetic fibers. They have their own advantages and prices. As we all know, the hairpiece made from human strands is better and lasts longer than its counterpart synthetic hairpiece. Human hair toupees can last up to several months or a year if you wear and store it properly. Notice, you can wear a real wiglet every day without discomfort. Hence, it is easy to understand that human hair toupee price is higher than the synthetic. Or some wearers want to ask how long do toupees last? In fact, real human hair will be used longer than synthetic ones. Suppose you want to conceal your baldness on the top, opt for a hair toupee extension to achieve the desired look. 

How Long Do Toupees Last? These Stats Are Real!
human hair lasts longer than synthetic one

In Layla hair company, we use 100% real human hair to generate wiglets. The strands are gathered from Vietnam and Cambodia. All hair cuticles are alive and running in one direction. Wear our hair, you can avoid tangling hair problems. We create hairpieces that mimic natural locks well. 

Base materials

The material also plays an essential role in determining hair lifetime. Its durability is affected by the material that it is generated from. Different base materials offer different levels of the toupee’s lifespan. It also gives the wearer a natural hairline as well. 

The materials for human hair toupee are divided into some main categories, such as mono, skin, silk, and lace material. 

– Lace base (mono, French lace, HD lace, and more) lasts 6-9 months.

Silk base system (often for women) lasts 6-9 months.

– Skin base hairpieces last 1-3 months. 

How Long Do Toupees Last? These Stats Are Real!
lace base toupee is more durable than skin base

Hair color

Natural hair colors and textures require less maintenance and can last for a long time. Why? Because these hairs experience no chemical process or treatments. If you order a blonde hair system, the manufacturer has to bleach and dye the strands to get this look. However, the chemical processes reduce the hair quality. If you decide to buy processed hair, try to protect and maintain the hair so that it can stay in the best state longer. 


How To Maintain And Make A Toupee Last Longer

Of course, the above are the main factors determining the using time of a hairpiece. Actually, how long does toupee last, it is up to how well you care for it. 

Here are some tips and tricks helping you minimize the deterioration of a hairpiece. Please follow these useful sharings to have nice hair toupee:

Avoid exposing the hair in the sunlight for long hours

As we all know, Sun releases harmful radiation affecting the hair strands. Some rays such as UV rays reduce the pigment and promote the oxidation. Hence, you should protect your real hair and hairpiece from the oxidation. If you go out for long hours in the sunlight, the toupee will deteriorate sooner and sooner. And of course, your hairpiece will not last long. We advise you to use a hat when going out to prevent hair damage. 

How Long Do Toupees Last? These Stats Are Real!
wash your toupee on a regular basis

Wash the hair

Cleanse toupee every three days will help you keep the hair last longer. You should remove the piece of hair out from the scalp and wash it and scalp as well. It is critical to wash hairpieces properly to avoid dust and oil. 

How long does toupee glue last? It depends on each brand, some can hold your wiglet up to several weeks while others last for days. The hairpiece is easy to apply and remove if you follow the installation instruction carefully.     

Invest in proper shampoo and conditioner

Want a completely realistic look with the hair toupee, want to expand the lifespan of your wiglet, start with right hair care products. Use shampoos that are mainly designed for wiglets and has no chemicals. A good shampoo will cleanse your hair and eliminate the foul smell well. Further, invest in a hair conditioner so that it adds more moistures on the hair wig.

Extra tips

How Long Do Toupees Last? These Stats Are Real!
limit the use of styling tools

Your proper hair care routine is also an excellent way to prolong the lifetime of your hair system. Some simple tips are useful for the hair to include:

– It would be best if you used a silk pillowcase when sleeping with your wiglet.

– Gently brush the hair to detangle knots. Use a wide-tooth comb or a soft boar bristle brush to comb the toupee.  

– Limit styling hair with heating tools, such as flat iron, curling iron, etc.

– Say no with some sprays and gel containing alcohol. Don’t chemically treat your hair system. 

– If you have a plan to go swimming, cover the toupee if you want to jump into the pool with it. Or you have to take off the hair and store it in the cool place, avoid the sunlight.

In A Nutshell

How long do toupees last? As you can see, there is an array of factors that impact the life expectancy of hairpieces. It would help if you opted for the hair type and material you value more. We highly recommend wearing human hair toupee to get a natural look. With this above information, Layla Hair hopes that you can choose a good hair and maintain it longer. 

Remember that if you need some help making your decision, don’t fret interacting with us. We always try to help you as soon as possible. 

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