7 Easy-To-Follow Tips To Lose Face Fat You Can Try At Home

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Nowadays, people always consider a girl with a slim face as the standard of beauty. It makes them look youthful and graceful. So, the fuller face, the result of extra weight all over, can be annoying. How long does it take to lose face fat? Or how to lose face fat fast in a week? Particularly, extra fat in the face is more difficult to solve than losing weight. There is an array of useful tips that can promote fat burning and slim down your face appearance. Remember that making a lifestyle change will help you reach a slimmer looking face. Our post today outlines some effective tips that help you to lose fat in the face. 

Increase cardio exercise

Extra fat in your face may be the result of the extra body fat. Hence, finding some tips to lose weight can help you slim down your body and fat round face, as well. How to lose fat on face? There are different types of exercise that are effective at promoting weight loss, one of them is cardio or aerobic exercise. Some popular exercises of cardio contain walking, running, biking, or swimming, etc. Many people now consider it as the most effective way to lose weight.  

In fact, many studies show that cardio makes the body consume energy, promote fat burning and fat loss. For instance, a 2015 study indicated that women doing exercise for around 150-300 minutes per week burned more fat than those did not. It would be better if you spend 20-40 minutes per day of cardio. 

7 Easy-To-Follow Tips To Lose Face Fat You Can Try At Home
do cardio exercise

Water is the key

Another way on how to lose fat in your face is to drink more water, helping you reduce bloating in the face as well as puffiness. For example, if you drink a glass of water before eating, you can feel fuller. And this helps you consume fewer calories. In other words, drinking more water is good for weight loss. Water is important for your overall health and losing facial fat. 

A study in 2017 indicated that drinking a half-liter of water might speed up someone’s metabolism by 24% for an hour afterward. It’s because when we drink cold water, the body has to try to warm the body temperature. 

Do facial exercise

How to lose fat in face effectively? This is a popular way that affects directly on fat in your face. You can do some simple exercises, such as puffing out your cheeks and pushing the air from side-to-side. Or you can hold a smile for several seconds while clenching your teeth at the same time. It is easy, isn’t it? These facial exercises help improve your facial appearance, battle aging, as well as tighten facial muscles. 

A past study showed that if you do facial muscle exercises twice per day within two months, it will help increase muscle strength and thickness. Also, it improves facial rejuvenation. There is limited information about facial exercises. But most of them have no negative side effects, why don’t you give it a try. 

7 Easy-To-Follow Tips To Lose Face Fat You Can Try At Home
have facial exercise

Limit consuming alcohol

As we all know, enjoying a glass of wine with dinner is fine for the digestive system, but excessive alcohol intake is not good for overall health. If you consume too much alcohol, it prompts the body to retain water in the face. And you may appear with a fat and puffy face.

Alcohol includes empty calories that are from solid fats and added sugars. However, these calories have few or no nutrients and may increase the risk of weight gain. Thus, keeping your alcohol consumption in check is good for your health and weight. If you are struggling to lose fat from your face, consider reducing alcohol. 


Cut back salt intake

Consider reducing salt intake if you want to make your face appear slimmer. Excess salt (sodium) intake is the reason your body retains water. In other words, a higher intake of sodium contributes to fluid retention as well as facial puffiness and swelling. If you are sensitive to the effects of salt, try to avoid it. 

High salt intake is found in most processed foods, such as fast food and snacks. Are there other methods on how to lose face fat guys? You should prepare nutritious meals at home to control the amount of salt in your diet. When your body decreases or stops retaining water, your face and neck start to appear slimmer.

7 Easy-To-Follow Tips To Lose Face Fat You Can Try At Home
limit consuming alcohol and salt

Get enough sleep 

Bear in mind that sleep is crucial for a general weight-loss strategy. It also helps you lose extra fat in your face. Sleep deprivation is often caused by a consistent lack of sleep and it increases the levels of cortisol. This is a stress hormone and leads to many negative side effects, including an increase in fat storage. 

The research found that a good quality of sleep is beneficial for weight loss. How to lose face and neck fat? You should get enough sleep, about eight hours per night, to prevent weight gain. And it helps reduce the amount of extra fat stored in your face and neck. 

Follow a balanced overall diet

7 Easy-To-Follow Tips To Lose Face Fat You Can Try At Home
have a balanced diet

Instead of eating processed food, you should follow a healthy diet containing essential fiber and nutrients. Because they are high in calories. Some carbohydrate foods, such as white rice, white bread, pasta, cereals, etc. are good for health and increase fat facial loss. In addition, eat fresh foods that are rich in nutrients. It helps people lose neck and face fat if you combine a balanced diet with doing exercise.

Now, you have been acknowledged with different tips on how to lose face fat. Don’t hesitate to try one of them and reach a slimmer facial appearance. Draw a plan to do exercise and follow a healthy diet. Layla hopes that our words could somehow help you improve your look.

Or if you are interested in other beauty tips about hair care, freely check out other posts on our site. 

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