How To Put On A Topper Hair Piece? – Hair Topper Installation

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One of the most common concerns, especially among those with thin hair is how to put on a topper hair piece for the most natural look. In this post, LaylaHair will be sharing with you the top tips to integrate topper with own hair smoothly. 

Hair toppers: A quick look

People make them to conceal problems related to your hair – for example, hair loss. Because different wearers have different features, these hair toppers are available in a series of colors, sizes, and shapes. They will become a mix and match with your natural hair.

How To Put On A Topper Hair Piece? - Hair Topper Installation
Hair topper for hair loss

That said, as a result of various hair toppers currently on the market, you can find it’s hard to decide how to style them to attain the charming look you are after. The following tips will help you with that. Then you can walk out of your house with full confidence. Also, you won’t have to worry if others are going to think whether you are putting on something on your head.

Surefire tips and tricks on how to put on a topper hair piece

Choose the suitable hair type

Several hair types are easier and better to style than others. In that regard, hair toppers are the same. That is why the style you choose to go for may give you the desired look relying on the type of your topper. Similar to regular wigs, there is a range of hair toppers, including human hair, synthetic, and thermally friendly synthetic choices.

How To Put On A Topper Hair Piece? - Hair Topper Installation
choose a suitable hair type

As women wear a hair topper in the hope that it blends in with their existing hair, they tend to favor natural or synthetic type that is heat resistant. They let you use thermal styling tools to make texture which is just about the same as your bio hair. That way allows for your more natural and mesmerizing look. Still, make sure you are good at styling or ask for a hairstylist to do so. 

Your styling depends on the areas of coverage 

Thinning or loss of hair loss may happen over different parts of your scalp. So, for another trick on how to put on a topper hair piece, you should cover them best with the proper types made for particular head parts.

– Top toppers: You will wear them at the top of your head. They do a great job of concealing many areas of hair loss.

How To Put On A Topper Hair Piece? - Hair Topper Installation
consider your hair loss condition

– Part toppers: Do you part your hair to the right, left, or straight from the middle. The scalp skin is visible at such a part that your hairs separate. If you keep that style long, it will look less attractive. Also, your hair will look thinner there. A topper is fantastic to decrease the thinning condition and appearance of your hair.

– Crown toppers: At the top back of your head, the crown is the area that your skull starts to curve out to the downward direction. The crown toppers are excellent for the rectangular area coverage. They work to volumize your hair, make the hairstyle better along with the ability to decrease the fine hair appearance.


Match the color of your topper

If you want to learn how to put on a topper hair piece naturally and amazingly, the key is to make it a seamless mix and match with your own hair. Various colors are widely available on the market. Still, it does not 100% ensure that you succeed in finding one that blends in perfectly with the tone of your hair. your hair tone. To deal with this difficulty, go for the color that matches most. After that, have your existing hair dyed meticulously and professionally for the topper match. Either, if it is not too different and seems hard to notice, you may be able to wear it without dying your bio hair.

How To Put On A Topper Hair Piece? - Hair Topper Installation
hair topper should have a matching color with your real hair

Experiment with the topper colors

Notably, you can have a fabulous makeover with hair toppers. They have a broad range of colors. That is why you can test what color suits you excellently while your natural hair remains intact.

Color the roots of your topper hair piece and real hair

Importantly, your toppers and roots is a 100% mix and match. By so doing, the topper will blend smoothly and be not noticeable in the hair.

hair topper should have a matching color with your real hair
cut your bangs

Cut your bangs

Are you a newbie to the topper world? Are you not sure the way to style a human hair topper? Then cutting bangs is the best and most effortless way. You can choose to side or curtain them. You will look amazing as long as the bangs suit your face and are the type you love.

Pull through the hair on hair topper

Are you aware of the transition between where the hair topper is put on is detectable and your bio hair? If you are, pull some of your natural hair over the topper. You can tie a fashionable ponytail using pins or the like.

How to put on a topper hair piece correctly: The pro steps from start to finish

After you find your suitable topper, be ready to wear it appropriately. 

– Use the clips on the topper’s underside.

– Tease the hair gently in the areas that your topper clips will put on. That way makes the hold more secure.

hair topper should have a matching color with your real hair
how to put on a topper hair piece

– Put the topper over where there is the loss of hair. Then secure your front clip.

– Press lightly over the hairpiece top. Next, place your fingers over the base’s length for more secure back clips.

– Ensure the base is tightly pulled across the top when securing any clip remainders.

– Style your hair by referring to the tips above.

Time to show off your dazzling beauty

Considering how to put on a topper hair piece? Their different types, colors, and shape may confuse you. Don’t worry, though! We hope that the tips mentioned above will give you some related ideas for a natural look. 

Remember, it depends on your personal preference. Don’t be afraid to try new cool things. 

Plus, make sure you stay updated with other useful posts on our blog for more amazing advice! Laylahair is also accessible via outline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp), so feel free to contact us at any time! 

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