How To Choose Human Hair Extensions Online For Dummies | 2019 Update!

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Whether you are fond of sexy body waves or a stylish high ponytail once in a while, human hair extensions can be the less damaging alternative you can find.

Choosing human hair extensions online, you are less likely to apply chemical and heat treatments on your hair. This keeps your existing hair from being damaged.

Though hair extensions have been around for ages, not many people think of using them until recently. Therefore, in this article, Layla Hair will give you the ultimate guide to choose human hair extensions online.

How To Choose Human Hair Extensions Online For Dummies In 2018

With our years of experience on making beautiful hair weaves and hairpieces with superior quality, we are indeed the go-to for beginners.

Types of human hair extensions online

With the advent of the Internet, we can find information and search for almost everything. Type human hair extensions, you will get over 180 million results. Most of them are hair vendors and salons.

The Internet does offer you many results, but it fails to give you a detailed and cohesive one.

So here it is.

You see, there are a lot of types, but they fall into three categories.


Temporary hair extensions refer to the types that you can put in and remove them the next minute. These include clip-in, wefts and weaves. The pros of temporary pieces are versatility and flexibility.

You can literally change your hairstyle in a snap of fingers.


Tape-ins are the only semi-permanent human hair extensions online. Once you glue them to your hair, they can stay there up to 8 weeks. Tape-ins can also be removed and reapplied up to 4 times.

How To Choose Human Hair Extensions Online For Dummies In 2018
Tape-ins can stay up to 8 weeks on your head.

The advantage of this semi-permanent type is that it is undetachable.


Hair extensions can also stay for months. This permanent type is suitable for those who only want to change their hair one or two times a year, for several months.

How To Choose Human Hair Extensions Online For Dummies In 2018
Bulk hair extensions
How To Choose Human Hair Extensions Online For Dummies In 2018
Pre-bonded hair extensions.

Bulk and pre-bonded hair extensions with micro rings or bonds will be added strand-by-strand to your hair.

The great thing about microbeads is that it allows the hair extensions to stay permanently. However, since the method requires experience and skills, you need to ask for the hands of a professional.

With proper application and care, the microbead can stay up to 6 months.

Which types of human hair extensions online should I choose?

It depends on your preference to decide which type suits you best.

As you can see, celebrities change their hairstyles abruptly. One day they have beautiful lob one day, the next day they already turn to beachy waves.

Probably when you were younger, looking at the chameleon celebrities’ hairstyles often left you in awe. We perhaps even thought that they could magically grow their hair within a day.

Now, with the knowledge of human hair extensions, we know that everything is possible.

However, we are not celebrities, and we certainly don’t have to change our hairstyles daily just to look cool.

So, how to choose the suitable hair extensions to wear?

Let’s say you are invited to a party this weekend. It is a special event, so you have to dress accordingly. You certainly don’t want to style your hair just for the weekend.

If heat and chemical processing are the last things you want in your life, then temporary clip-ins, wefts or weaves are great options. It takes a few minutes to enhance your look.

How To Choose Human Hair Extensions Online For Dummies In 2018
Tape-ins are excellent when it comes to adding density, and length on a daily basis.

The permanent method such as tape-ins should come to your mind when you want to change your hair for a short while, say a few weeks. Tape-ins are excellent when it comes to adding density, and length on a daily basis.

The last method is permanent; therefore, you need to be cautious when applying it. The micro and keratin bonds are perfect for those who want to alter their hair length and thickness for the long term.

This permanent method is highly adaptable because you can use the same hair repeatedly.

Synthetic vs. Human hair

Both synthetic and human hair are used in the hair industry. While synthetic fibers could resemble human hair strands pretty well, they still have several drawbacks.

Synthetic fibers offer second looks. They simply can’t be as natural and shiny as real human hair. Plus, this material is incompatible with heat styling. So if you are a big fan of curls or waves, wearing synthetic hair extensions isn’t a good idea.

How To Choose Human Hair Extensions Online For Dummies In 2018
You can’t style your synthetic hair extensions.

On the other hand, a human hair is indeed natural. It matches flawlessly with your existing hair. You can style, dye, bleach and blow-dry your human hair extensions without worry that it will melt.

Layla Hair advises you to invest your money in high-quality hairpieces. You deserve that.

Are human hair extensions online expensive?

The price range of human hair extensions online varies between manufacturers and the market. If you buy directly from the manufacturers or vendors with their factory, the price could be dramatically different from conventional hair salons or vendors.

If you buy hair from local vendors and salons, the price is fixed. However, the cost can differ on the Internet where international manufacturers and vendors compete against each other.

The hair length and features also affect the price. Hair extensions with double drawn quality will be more expensive than single drawn one. In case you don’t know what double drawn is, it refers to the percent of full-length hairs in a bulk.

The permanent types are more upmarket than temporary ones. They need professionals’ help and tend to require 2 to 3 hours to apply. So you have to pay for both the products but also the labor cost.

The cost of hair extensions also depends on your need. If you only want temporary or semi-permanent to refresh yourself a bit, then you don’t have to go and buy the most expensive pieces in the market.

However, if you want pieces that you can re-use many times, you should emphasize the quality. We advise you to buy virgin human hair.

How long do hair extensions last?

Many factors affect the capacity to last of human hair extensions online.


The investment in quality is never too much. If you buy non-Remy hair extensions, you will soon find out that they shed endlessly and tangle whenever it is possible. Non-Remy hair is cheap because manufacturers don’t have to sort them out.

How To Choose Human Hair Extensions Online For Dummies In 2018
The investment in quality is never too much.

As a result, your hairpieces will never last long. It is also important to pay attention to the hair strands and the overall quality of your human hair extensions. If you touch the products and don’t feel smooth and silky, ask the sellers and return them.

Some manufacturers mix up human hair and synthetic fibers to reduce the cost. That leads to low-quality hair extensions.


Even though you have bought the high-end products, that doesn’t guarantee 100% maximum lifespan if you fail to care for them.

How To Choose Human Hair Extensions Online For Dummies In 2018

When is it right to remove human hair extensions?

As for temporary hair extensions, you can remove them daily with ease. You don’t need any helps from a hair salon to get this done. You should get rid of these temporary products before going to bed because they will make you feel uncomfortable.

As for semi-permanent and permanent types, they have an expiry date. You can leave them forever on your hair. Tape-ins only last for eight weeks. After that, they will slough off even though you don’t want to.

Microbeads and pre-bonded hair extensions will require to refit or remove after every four months or sooner. This is because your hair continuously grows and it will eventually move away from the bonded hair extensions.

You should not remove the microbeads or pre-bonded types yourself. If you want to remove them, find a trusted salon to have it done professionally.

Are hair extensions are bad for your hair?

Years ago in the UK, Steve O’Brien, a famous trichologist, has called for a ban in hair extensions. He argued that over two years, the number of women with damaged hair increased by 15%.

His statistic caused worry and concerns in public. According to Steve, the glue used in hair extensions lead to traction alopecia. This condition also causes excessive hair fall and small bald blotches.

How To Choose Human Hair Extensions Online For Dummies In 2018
Hair extensions are not bad for your hair if you know how to care for them.

Nowadays, we know those hair extensions are not the culprit. In fact, there are many reasons why your existing hair starts to weaken and fall after human hair extensions applied.

And all comes down to two most significant contributing factors: you as the person who gets hair extensions and the person who applies them to you. Hair extensions need to be handled carefully.

If you go for microbeads or pre-bonded extensions, it is essential to find a real pro. You can’t and should never choose a small local salon to have your hair extension done.

Professionals who have gone through training know how to handle these items. They should notice any problems during the process and adjust them accordingly. Say if the bond is pulling the hair, they will take out and reapply it.

If you have a go-to professional, it is even better. He or she will know how to relocate the bonded area so the same hair will not be under stress twice.

When styling, brushing and washing your hair with extensions, remember not to pull it too hard. It weakens the hair strands, and eventually, they fall off the root.

After having your hair extensions done, if you ever notice hair loss, go for the professionals and ask for advice. Never ignore the problem or wait until it’s too late. The hair follicle will be damaged, and the problem stays critical.

How about temporary hair extensions? Are they also bad for hair?

They would eventually if you refuse to get rid of them at the end of the day. Clip-ins put a lot of pressure on the hair strands. The clips attach to your hair will weaken the hair follicles.

Layla Hair advises you to remove your temporary hair extensions before going to bed. They make you feel uncomfortable during sleep and damage your natural hair as well.


Layla Hair believes human hair extensions online are the most versatile and convenient products to enhance your appearance instantly. Depending on your needs, you should choose a suitable type for your daily as well as special wear.

Human hair extensions are more durable and natural than synthetic ones. You also need to pay for the labor cost of applying these extensions to your head. However, it is a must if you don’t want to damage your hair permanently.

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