Touch Up Hair Coloring- Be Careful If You Don’t Wanna Ruin Your Hair

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It is undeniable that having glamorous hair makes you shine all the time. But you’re depressed with your down-toned hair color? If you are looking for a solution to touch up hair coloring then take a look at the article below. 

Why should you touch up hair coloring?

Under external influences such as the environment, chemicals, and thermomechanical … the cuticle of the hair always tends to open and the color particles will come out, causing fading and dullness. Moreover, no matter how durable the dyed hair color is, our hair always grows new, and this new part of the hair will have its original color (black-brown), so there will be a color difference between the hair roots and the previously dyed hair.

To improve this situation, you choose the technique of root touch-up temporary hair coloring to make it more even and beautiful. This is simply coloring the roots of the hair using dye and oxygen (assistant).

If you’re wondering how to touch up ends when coloring new hair growth, then the answer is you can do it every 6-8 weeks after your latest dye. It may vary for different people, but the period of 6-8 weeks is the general time for your hair to grow. 

Touch Up Hair Coloring- Be Careful If You Don't Wanna Ruin Your Hair
touch up hair coloring

What is the difference between a touch up and hair coloring?

Hair coloring 

Hair coloring is also understood as covering all-over your hair with one single shade in a process. It includes three levels. The fastest level is semi-permanent, in which the hair shade lasts just a short time. So, if you’re not sure whether the color you dye fits you or not, or you just want to experience it once then semi-permanent is the best option. 

The second one is demi-permanent which can keep color longer. And clearly, the most popular choice is the permanent color, also the most long-lasting one. 

Root touch up

Simply, hair coloring touch up is just dyeing the new-grow hair in the root instead of coating your entire hair. This can protect the ends of your hair from damage since you do not cover all the strands. And of course, you can save yourself money with this solution because it doesn’t waste much dye.

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Guides to root touch up at home

 “Can I touch up hair dye day after coloring?”, The answer is of course yes. Also, at-home root touch up is a good option, instead of going to visit the stylist at the salon. So, how to do hair line touch up between hair coloring at home? Let’s follow us.

Choose the color

The first and most crucial thing you need to know when touching up at home is to choose the best match shade with your current hair hue. 

Probably the most obvious mistake anyone can make when choosing a hair hue is following the model’s hair color on the front of the dye box.

You then will be surprised to know that your hair shade may be lighter. This is explained because the canned hair dye will have a stronger effect on the hair than the dye used in the salon. Therefore, the tinned dye will make your hair look lighter than the model’s hair color that appears on the box. So, to choose the best root hair touch up between hair coloring, all you need to do is look for the color guide on the side or back of the box, where you will see the exact final color with the different hair conditions. If you’re not sure what the colour will look like then you can test it out first. 

After choosing the dye, you apply it to the neck or behind the ears to check for allergies, rashes, scorching, or hair loss. Because each dye has a different composition, you should take a test about 1-2 days before dying.  

Touch Up Hair Coloring- Be Careful If You Don't Wanna Ruin Your Hair
dark roots growing up after long time no dying hair

What to prepare?

– Choose an old shirt or buy a special hair dye coat to avoid the dye on the clothes.

– A bowl to mix dye, speculum clips, a comb, and gloves.

You should take the dyeing in the bathroom (to avoid the staining of objects in the house) or in a cool, dry place. It is best to do it under sunlight or neon lights, avoid using yellow light because the color will not be real.

How to touch up roots?

Apply the dye only to the roots. Incubate the dye for about 30 minutes, then wash with shampoo and conditioner included with the purchase of dye.

Important notes: It is recommended to wash your hair 1-2 days before your dye in which the scalp can replenish its own natural oils, which are essential for the scalp to protect itself from the penetration of chemicals. 

Before dyeing, apply lotion on the hairline to avoid the dye on the skin. In case the dye stains the skin, take a cotton pad soaked in lemonade or water to wipe it off.

Touch Up Hair Coloring- Be Careful If You Don't Wanna Ruin Your Hair
how to touch up roots

How to protect your best root hair touch up between hair coloring?

Choosing appropriate shampoo after dying hair

Some shampoos (dandruff shampoos) contain sulfates and strong substances that can strip your hair of color. Use the appropriate shampoo, which helps to create a protective shield for the hair strands as well as keep the color for a long time. It is best to choose products specifically for dyed hair, you can ask the salon for more advice.

Hair care after dyeing

Dyes contain hydrogen peroxide, which can change the pigment and make your dyed hair susceptible to damage. Therefore, hair care after dyeing is important. In addition to using a conditioner, about once a week, you should steam your hair to reduce damage to have healthy and beautiful hair.

Do not go swimming

Chlorine and minerals present in the swimming pool are very harmful to hair. Chlorine strips the hair cuticle and minerals penetrate deep into the hair shaft, causing the color change. Therefore, you should not go swimming for 2 weeks after dyeing your hair.

We hope that after reading this blog post about touch up hair coloring, you will have a great piece of knowledge to take care of your hair. If you have any other tips, do not hesitate to share with us. Thank you!

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