Lace Closure Without Glue: How To Apply This Hassle-Free Method

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Wigs and hair extensions users are only familiar with two ways of installing lace closure. Therefore, not so many women know that they can apply lace closure without glue.

This new method is certainly hassle-free. You need to neither buy adhesive nor know how to remove it afterward.

Interested? Let’s take a look below to see how it is done!

Lace Closure Without Glue: How To Apply This Hassle-Free Method

Conventional ways to install lace closure

Glue-in and sew-in are the two traditional methods of establishing hair closures. Both have advantages and disadvantages.


This technique requires extra adhesive to glue the closures into human scalp. Wearers are not necessary prior knowledge to perform the glue-in method.

You need high-quality adhesive. 


  • Easy to prepare
  • Adhesive and glue remover are affordable even those of good quality
  • Can last up to 2-3 weeks
  • Significantly enhance hair density
  • The length of the application is short
  • Users don’t need prior knowledge to use this method


  • Hard to maintain
  • Adhesive can irritate the scalp. Some people are allergic to the elements of adhesive. Therefore, you need to buy good adhesive and test it on your skin first.
  • Since the closure is covered your natural hair, it is sometimes unbreathable
  • You can’t do updos or any hairstyles that require pulling
  • Some people experience severe hair breakage where the glue is applied.


Sew-in is a more complicated method than glue-in. Wearers are not recommended to try it themselves. To sew 4×4 lace closure or even lace frontals in, you need a helping hand from hairstylists or professionals.


  • The durability is long. Once sewn in, hair closures can stay up to 8 weeks
  • Easy to maintain. You can wash the closures while wearing it and partly wash your hair underneath
  • While with glue-in, beginners may have a hard to time to apply closures to create natural-looking hair, this can be easily achieved with sew-in closures.
  • You can create different hairstyles with sew-in closures.
  • The scalp is breathable
  • Sew-in doesn’t fall off easily even if you pull hard.


  • You have to pay extra for a professional to do the sew-in for you. The cost could be as expensive as the closures.
  • You may feel a bit tight and uncomfortable wearing closures at first
  • The pressure from threads could cause traction alopecia.
  • The sew-in separates closures with your natural hair. As a result, you can’t take care of your hair underneath correctly.
  • The removal process is a nuisance.

For more information on lace closure installation, please read the followingLace Closure Install Tutorial: Learn The Life-Saving Tips Here

Is it possible to apply lace closure without glue?

As we mentioned above, it is entirely possible to apply lace closure without glue. This method is more comfortable than with glue, requires less time and effort. You also don’t have to worry about the removal process, extra cost or even scalp irritation.

You can also apply hair closures glueless. 

However, this method also has some downsides. Without a strong adhesive, the closures are fragile to pulling, rubbing, or rough handling. You should only use this method to improve hair thickness, not to make updos or so on.

How to install lace closure without glue?

What you need to prepare

  • Several closures depending on your demand
  • Elastic band
  • Concealer
  • Bobby pins
  • Wig clips

How to install lace closure without glue

Step 1:

Attach the elastic band into the closure. To ensure your comfort, you should buy a big elastic band that will secure around your head and doesn’t make you feel tight. Also, in this step, sew the wig clips into hair closures.

Step 2:

This is an essential step. You need to make sure that your hair is flat under the closures. Otherwise, your hair will look ridiculous. The best way to part your hair in the middle and start cornrow it up.

If you don’t know how to do cornrow, braid or twist it tightly into your scalp. As for the closure, you should part it in the middle as well. Now try to place the closure above your head, make sure that the part is matched.

Step 3

Now, it’s time to use the wig. Place it over your head. You should put it up front, as close to the hairline as possible, so it looks natural. Then, use bobby pins to attach the wig into its place.

Some women may want to sew the wig clips so that they feel more secure, but if you don’t know how to, skip this step.

Step 4:

After that, you can readjust the closure to make you feel comfortable. Once you have found a suitable place for your hairpiece, clip it down to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

If however, you feel that the closure look out-of-place, use concealer to hide the gap and blend the closure in.

You can also let some of your natural baby hair out. This will create an incredible effect to make the closure look real. Applying lace closure without glue is versatile and practice; however, it is not as durable as the two other methods.

Can I sleep with the method of lace closure without glue?

We would suggest that you should not sleep with this method. This is because hair closures stay on your head temporarily. Without strong adhesive, they are likely to lose as a result of twisting and changing positions during sleep.

Since this method is super easy, you can wear it daily. That means you can apply it in the morning (with less than 15 minutes) and take it off before heading to bed.

In case you still want to try, we recommend you to wrap your hair in a silk scarf to protect your hair and scalp.

The bottom line

Installing lace closure without glue is the easiest way to wear compared to both glue-in and sew-in. This method is versatile, meaning you can wear it daily with both short applying and removing time. Though it can’t stay on your head for long, it is indeed a life-saving way of wearing closures for those who don’t want to pay extra for the application.

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