Is there a way out for hair loss at 20?

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Hair falling is a normal part of daily life. Typically, we lose around 50 to 100 strands a day. If you notice the amount of hair loss at 20 of age more than that or notice they haven’t grown back, this is a warning sign.  Something is wrong with your hair.

Over 60% of men are susceptive to hair loss before the age of 30. Some cases begin to encounter hair loss even earlier, in their late teen years or early twenties. When it comes to hair loss, there are so many potential reasons. It can be tricky to be understood the real reasons behind your loss hair isn’t growing back and slowly getting bald.

Is there a way out for hair loss at 20?

Hair loss at 20 is critical problem men have to face. 

Reading this article as we are going to help you break down the possible reasons why your hair loss at 20 and after that you would understand the cause and decide which treatment is the most suitable for your case.

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The science behind hair growth

Hair growth occurs everywhere on the body except the soles of feet, a palm of the hands and lips. The human hair is formed of dead protein cells, known with the name keratin, which is made of the hair follicles in the skin. The keratin cells help to develop a long strand of hair by producing more cell to push the old keratin cells out of the surface.

Is there a way out for hair loss at 20?

The three stages of hair growth

The first growth stage is the anagen phase, as known as the growth phase. In this phase, follicles are making new keratin cells. After that, there is catagen phase – the transitional period, allows the follicle to renew itself and attach to the existing hair shaft.

In the final phase, called the telogen phase, the follicle remains dormant. On average 10 to 15 percent of the hairs on your head are in this phase of growth. The hair base will break free from its root, and the hair will be shed.

That is why on a daily basis you will lose around 50 to 100 strands per day, and if there is no problem, the new hair will be able to grow back after two weeks.

However, shedding more or detecting some patches of thinning hair are the symptoms of hair loss at 20. Hair loss referred to as alopecia in medical term, and there are different kind of alopecia that can happen to men. Here are some types:

Androgenic Alopecia

This affects both genders but most likely men. This is also known as “male pattern baldness” and can occur at men’s early twenties. In general, androgenic alopecia interferes with hair growth cycle which eventually results in spontaneously hair shedding and losing most of the hair on the scalp. Out of all types, this is the most common that lead to early hair loss.

Involutional Alopecia

In this case, there is not much to concern cause involutional alopecia refers to regular hair loss happened when you’re aging.

Alopecia Universalis: It causes hair to shed all over the body, even eyebrows, eyelashes, and the face as well as the scalp.

Besides the types we listed, there are still a lot of alopecia types; some mainly occur to children, women or the elderly, some are caused by psychological issues and also with other disorders as well, hormonal disorders for instance.

Why do I encounter hair loss at 20?

But out of all questions, the biggest problem you may concern is that why it happens to you especially when you only 20? Why do you ever encounter hair loss at 20?

Is there a way out for hair loss at 20?

The reasons behind hair loss are various.

There are certain forces may affect hair fall:

Hormonal changes and imbalances

The severe hormonal changes and imbalance are most likely lead to hair loss as the hormones play a significant role in regenerating the new hair.

Family History

There is a chance that baldness gene run in your family. In another word, your hair loss is inherited from your father, grandfather or brothers on your paternal and maternal side.


It’s no doubt that pressure can make your hair shed. How does this occur? Stress raises androgen (male hormone) levels, which results in falling out more hair than usual. As a psychological condition that whenever a person is in a stressful situation. Some have a stress-induced habit such pulling out their hair.

Iron anemia

One of the typical causes of early hair loss at 20 is due to lack of iron. Iron is crucial for assembling hair cell protein, without it the strands will suffer.

Over caring your hair

It sounds hard to believe but using too much hair care does more harm than good. This including shampooing too often, adding to much strain on your head, or applying heat or the like.

Furthermore, using chemical processes such as bleaching, coloring your hair also cause damage to your hair follicles. Good news is this cannot lead to baldness as the hair will eventually grow back.

Having a poor diet

Any nutritional deficiency can cause hair loss. Therefore, hair loss is often seen among people who fall ill with eating disorders. Specific healthy diet changes may help restrain hair loss.

Is there a way out for hair loss at 20?

Surely dealing with hair loss can be tricky but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do with it. Here is our suggestion on how to deal with it.

Hair loss takes time to happen, usually 3 months. So, if you notice excessive daily hair falling for longer than three months, it’s better to visit the doctor. Your doctor may able to determine the underlying factor. Those need to be addressed whether the reason can be a hormone imbalance or other medical issue.

Is there a way out for hair loss at 20?

Notice your hair condition and determine how to alter it. 

After recognizing the problem, they will suggest appropriate therapy, changing in your diet or other medications and treatments to take care of the subject or balance back your hormone, which can naturally solve your hair loss issue.

In extreme cases, it not easy to solve the issue and you may have to consider transplanting hair. This method can be costly and contain high risk so you may want to consult thoroughly with your doctor before deciding to do it.

The bottom line

Overall, we know that having hair loss at 20 is intimidating, but as long as you treat your scalp and hair gently and with a lot of care, the hair will grow.

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